Hitch mounted bike racks

To compare Yakima Yakima Ridge Back 4 And Thule Hitch Mounted Bike Racks is neither easy nor hard as there are small differences that set one above the other.  Like bikes, all bike racks are not the same. Just as there are many types of bikes there are also many types of bike racks. There are trunk mounted models, roof mounted models and hitch mounted models. In my opinion, the hitch mounted models are the sturdiest and therefore offer more strength and protection for your bike. While there are better hitch mounted racks that are more expensive,  For racks in the $200 – $350 range two stand out.  But which is the best hitch mount bike rack?  The purpose of  this article will be to Compare the Yakima And Thule Hitch Mounted Bike Racks and see.

Bikes are great. It’s a two wheel wonder that serves multiple purposes. It’s a mode of transportation if you live in a crowed city where parking is a problem and you don’t want the hassel or expense of owning a car. It’s a  recreational vehicle that brings friends together for leasurely rides in the country. It’s a racing vehicle that can take you around the world if your good enough. The list goes on and on. Times have changed and bikes have too. If you are a baby boomer, I’m sure you remember the big iron monstrosities that everyone got for Christmas as a kid.  We would all be riding around the community showing our new bikes off to our friends. Trouble is every bike looked the same! The colors may be different but the style was the same. Today, there are still retro style bikes that remind us of the “good old days”, but there are also bikes that are made of materials that were unheard of during the good old days.  Today bike frames are made of titanium and carbon fiber, materials that are light weight and very strong. Bikes have definitely come a long way. The interesting thing is that they haven’d diminished in popularity.  More people ride bikes nowdays than ever before and most of those people ride in areas away from where they live. If you are going to do that then obviously your going to have to transport you bike to where your going to ride it. Similarly, if you are going to transport your bike your going to want the best bike carrier you can get to carry it. Both the Yakima Yakima Ridge Back 4, and the Thule Aero 3  hitch mounted bike racks are great, but only one can come out on top. This is the reason for this site – to review two of the best hitch mounted racks available today.  While there are many different racks available, this review focuses on the two hitch mounted models, but also describes other models as well.